Our Events

The goal of the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation is to facilitate collaboration and partnership between employers, educational institutions, workforce partners, and the talent pool through education and events.

Through innovative leadership we strive to find effective ways to allow pertinent conversations and connections to be made. It is with the work of many resources gathering together that we are able to move our community workforce challenges to the forefront and seek solutions that allow our community to thrive.

Coffee & Careers

For Coffee & Careers, connecting job seekers with employers in the Greater St. Cloud area in the relaxed and casual atmosphere of the Capital One Café.

Talent Summit

The Talent Summit is a one-day conference providing an opportunity for businesses to attract local talent and for job seekers to connect with St. Cloud employers, strengthening the greater St. Cloud community.


Job Fairs

Making the most out of a job fair is based on how you prepare, what you do during the fair, and how you follow up with connections afterward.